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Michael Henderson

To answer this question is that you should seek out in your community or college help from someone who is or has played music, professionally at some point; that can be any musician who has over 10 years being paid for what they do..?? The "PROFESSIONAL" doesn't have to be a mega hit superstar player, or singer, but someone who is willing to give you some pointers, and show you the ropes as to what they did to make it. That can be a music teacher, professor, church musician, or player who is doing things on the small tour circuit. You'll know when it's the right fit, and person, because they will be willing to show what they know, introduce you to who they know, and give you insight and critique what you think, how you perform, and give you advice on what you should do to improve your craft.
The Maestro

Answered 6 years ago

Michael Henderson