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How/where can I get help in figuring out what I should major in?

I'm thinking about possibly going into music, but I don't know

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Matt Dodd

I would say that this is the million dollar question that I hear all of the time. To be honest I am not sure that it makes a huge difference unless it is a concentrated subject such as music. I would say if you want to study in the music field you need to first ask yourself what do you want to do in the music field. Do you want to work as a music teacher? Do you want to own and manage a recording studio? Do you want to manage music artists? Try and focus on something more specific to help you know what direction to move in. I would say if you want to manage artists, a management degree would be better than a music degree. It all depends on what you want to do but not knowing is not a bad problem. Just try and talk about it with people and you will find there are many different opinions out there, and one of them will help you in your journey. Hope this helps a little! Good luck

Answered 9 years ago

Matt Dodd