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Michael Henderson

Well, my advice is first; know what style or genre of music you want to excel in, or how do you want to approach your artistry. You mentioned that you wanted to play, sing, write, and break (dance) better like someone. (Ross, Michael, and John) But, what is that you actually can do..??? I would suggest that you not be all over the place in your thinking as a musician. You must hone in on what you'd like do and decide on who's style most fits what and who YOU are as an artist. I learned early on that; being true to who YOU are is what distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. I'm not saying that you should become a lone wolf, but you should seek out an artist who influences you. So, therefore you start to develop you own style with that artists influence making you one of the Best at what you do!! I hope this answers your question.
The Maestro

Answered 6 years ago

Michael Henderson