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Curtis Serkowski

I had the exact same question when I was about to graduate High School. I was in jazz band, marching band, concert, plays, you name it! I still to this day love music with a passion. However, I asked myself this question.

Do you think in 5, 10 , or 40 years from now that you would you still be satisfied with your career if you were a music instructor and only making 30-50 thousand dollars a year? I found the way to realize if something is "right for you" is by picturing yourself in the future….You may not have all the money, the cars, etc…but every day of the week you are "doing music" as you call it. Would you still be happy??

To me, those questions are how you go about determining if it really is a passion, and something you want to pursue. If its truly a passion, you wouldn't care about how much money you made, where you lived, what you could afford, because music completes you.

Answered 8 years ago

Curtis Serkowski