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Amelia Bales

The best advice I can give you is to first get your degree in Directing. While you are in school doing that get involved in as many different aspects of a play or TV show as possible. It's extremely important for a director to understand how a performance comes together and the process it requires. If you are demanding certain things from your designers and actors you need to know what you are talking about. Once you have experienced all aspects of a performance (acting, lighting, costumes, scenery, props etc) Try getting your feet wet by directing a small production or staged reading, you can see if your college has any student run organizations that put on all student shows. That way you can get some experience in directing. During the summer months go work at a Summer Stock Theatre in whatever sort of job you can and see if there are any opportunities to direct childrens shows or staged readings, you need to get real world experience while you are still in college. Once you graduate depending on where you choose to live you could keep doing Theatre or TV in your community and searching out projects, you could also go to graduate school and get some experience directing in a college setting. Getting your graduate degree allows you the option of teaching later and also helps you make important contacts. As a director you need to get involved in as many varied projects as you can, people need to get to know your name and you need to build a resume to get hired by different Theatres, movie companies or TV stations. Before you go to school first decide what kind of art you want to direct, that way you can learn about the different areas but always have a focus area to hone your skills.

Answered 8 years ago

Amelia Bales