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Alex Bowden

I have a lot of friends and peers in the music industry. In my experience, there are few jobs in the arts that pay "well". Sound engineering involves music and can get you jobs with radio stations. To my knowledge, those pay decently well. If you're interested in teaching and don't mind academia, university professors get paid a decent living but it's very competitive. If you're looking into the classical realm of training, you would have to get your masters' degree and have a successful professional career to be highly competitive in the field. If you focus on building up your teaching experience with music and have your masters' you could break into higher education that way as well. Composing music and jingles for ads, movies, recording artists, or television is a highly competitive but decent career path if you're in the right city such as L.A., Nashville, NYC or other similar music hubs

Answered 7 years ago

Alex Bowden