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Alex Bowden

It sounds like you have many talents and interests, and that's a good thing! Teaching is an excellent way to combine creativity with fun, all while making a huge difference in people's lives. If you have a specific passion, try to gain more experience in that area and then you could start looking into teaching opportunities where you can develop your own creative lesson plans. My career was dance, so I find teaching to be an excellent way to make my kids laugh and find unique approaches so that they enjoy learning about one of my ultimate passions.

Another field could be health care- there can never be too many nurses or doctors with a good sense of humor and a true empathy to help people in their time of need. I've had loved ones in hospital and hospice situations, and for every 10 bad nurses there was 1 good one- but that good one made all the difference. Health Care is a growing field and one that will always have need for personnel, so that's a smart career choice as well.

Yet another idea to explore creativity and humor could be social media marketing and or web design. You get to be creative in designing posts and interactive events to market a product, or brand, or cause, etc. One example is that I began working for a non-profit dance organization in Brooklyn, NY. I helped run their education programs and was in charge of all of their social media platforms. This allowed me to be creative and use my sense of humor to find unique ways to market our brand and expand awareness; all while also representing something I was passionate about and that did excellent work in my small field.

Answered 8 years ago

Alex Bowden