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Jack Heald

None of those career goals require a college degree. Going to college will cost you four years and tens of thousands of dollars. Don't pay for college if all you need is mentoring and lessons. College is the single most expensive and least efficient way to learn anything. Before you spend a dime on college, read this:


If you will start NOW with your video work, you should be able to support yourself doing commercial work. You should put examples of your video & photo work online to demonstrate your skills. You could ask a professional video editor to take you on as an unpaid apprentice in exchange for teaching you everything you know. That will be a better education than college and will cost you less. Or perhaps you're editing skills are good enough NOW to start doing commercial work. Go for it. The worst that can possibly happen is nothing.

If you want a career in the performing arts, then start performing. Audition for everything you can find; build your resume; pay for professional training that can be delivered in short, concentrated bursts. Perform as much as you can. You don't need anything more than a youtube account to put your songwriting and singing skills on display for the world. Teach yourself how to market yourself via youtube.

Get some dancers together and choreograph a music video - preferably of a song you wrote and are performing. Have someone film it, then you do the video editing. That will display for the world ALL your skills. Do this over and over and over again, and point potential customers to your videos as proof that you CAN do video editing, CAN sing and write, CAN dance and CAN choreograph.

In four years, you'll be well on your way.

Or, you can go to college and be $100k in debt in 4 years, and have 4 years less experience as a working video editor, choreographer, dancer, singer and songwriter.

Remember this: the only real failure is not trying.

Answered 3 years ago

Jack Heald