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Daniel Scott

Having second thoughts about your major and possibly switching is normal. This is an important decision and one that you do not want to rush. You do not need to make a decision about your future before the O.T. application deadline.

If you apply and get accepted: The worst case is that you decide not to go and have to forfeit your application fee.

If you do not apply: Worst case is that your initial decision was right and you missed the opportunity to apply to the school of your choice for next year.

THE FINE PRINT: Most programs allow you to defer admission for up to a year. *Check with the admission office for the particular graduate school.

I would suggest that you apply to the O.T. program. While you are considering your other options, you know that you have not neglected your future if that is the path that you ultimately decide on taking.

Answered 6 years ago

Daniel Scott