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Astor Green

Sounds like some kind of research field might be appropriate. However all would require qualifications and training. There are a large number of scholarships available, so I recommend you explore that direction to get money. Neuroscience is a very large field but what you can do is explore what training and back track to the prerequisites to find out how to get started. Making medicines could be a pharmacist, which would be dispensing medicines to people. Or it could mean you’d be manufacturing the medicines, in which case you’d join a pharmaceutical company. Or it could be mean that you be discovering new medicines, and you’d join a research institution or a pharmaceutical company. All will require training and coursework. An option may be for you to enroll in a class and at the same time get an internship at a local company. Without knowing your situation I cannot be more specific but feel free to ask any other question and I’d be happy to give input……..Astor

Answered 9 years ago

Astor Green