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Frank Calamari

I am a real estate investor, and know great very successful realtors and part timers who sell a few houses on the side of there day job. Real estate has many many aspects. For starters you should know its a commission only sales job and you must pay for the classes and licenses yourself before you can do anything and then its do or die. Expect a ramp up period like any commission only sales job where for between 6 months and 2 years you may not make a very good living and may have to work part time doing something else to make ends meat. Than like India said if you hustle you can do very well as in $100,000 per year, Depending on you and your market. You can specialize in commercial, residential, industrial and maybe eventually get a real estate portfolio of your own. As a realtor you have an inside track sometimes that a civilian won't have. Watch the real estate show on bravo tv, its good. The guys featured are high end residential realtors in California and NY. You may get some sense if its for you. ASK yourself this.....Do you like houses? if so its a good start to a possible real estate career. Good luck.

Answered 9 years ago

Frank Calamari