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Cliff Stevenson

First, you need to know that real estate brokers work on commission so you have to be willing to live with the unsure aspect of an income stream. Second, residential brokers are totally different than commercial brokers. I was a commercial broker and sold over $100 million of properties. It requires knowledge of taxes and finance and often I had to get the financing for the buyer in order to get the deal done. I hve an MBA in real estate and finance from the Wharton School. Commerical brokerage is much more sophisticated and knowledge base. There is a reason so many housewives are residential brokers on the side. Doesn't take a whole lot to become a broker (in PA you take two courses at night and pass the salesmen's exam) and basically the hardest part is getting the listings. Once you get a listing you just wait for the house to sell. Not very complicated, not particularly intellectually realted but maybe better for those that hustle and have personality.

Answered 5 years ago

Cliff Stevenson