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Dave Klivans

I have been an investor for 14 years... here is my honest opinion:

Without knowing too much about you (your personality, your druthers, your tolerance for risk, etc), I would say many appraisers are detail-oriented and pretty good with numbers. If you're sick of visiting properties and working in the field, so to speak, I would say consider working as a mortgage broker. You may want to focus on a state in the south, as this is where a lot of the growth is now, or whatever your home state is is fine, too. If you want to own your own business, this can be a good choice, also, as you can build a ream around you.

If you do still like working in the field, what about home inspector? Very similar to appraiser in many regards, and you can certainly help people.

If you want to get out of real estate altogether, some of the hottest industries right now are marijuana and mobile apps.

Hope this helps.

Answered 6 years ago

Dave Klivans