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I want to work as an interior designer and flip houses.

I'm not sure what career path I want to take I'm not good at spelling and reading but I have found my ways to make it work for me I'm a very creative person and are good in math. I work hard at whatever I do and hate failing I try my hardest to not do a bad job. I was a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for 4 years and quite because it was not enough pay for the amount of kids I have and want to go to college. I just not sure what to look into.

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I think architecture could be a good field for you given your creativity and strength in math. It is not the easiest academic route as there are many projects and a great deal of drawing and computer literacy needed as you progress through the program, but it is indeed a very fulfilling career path and one that seem it would fit your strengths. Interior design is indeed another career path and many art and career schools offer such a program. As far as the actual career, flipping houses can be dangerous if you use your own capital as it relies on market conditions and you may not want to get stuck with properties that are losing value.

Answered 7 years ago