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DawnMarie Boursiquot

You will need to get your GED that is the first place you need to begin. Now if you are seeking to get involved in real estate investment then it is good to know the business the difference in location and property values as well as property tax evaluations because the two are very different. Once you get your GED and then take your 40 hour (whatever your state requires) next your exam.

Now some states may require you to get a BS/BA of some kind if you seek to move forward with your Brokers license. If you are seeking to become involved in security investments you will need a Bachelor's degree and the move on to the courses and training needed to obtain CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Whatever you do DO NOT attempt to get your GED online for a few hundred dollars . Be willing to pay the price to do the work to get it done. Most of those online High School are bogus and most colleges will not accept them . Look fora GED program in your city. You can usually find the information at your local high school, library, community center,

Answered 6 years ago

DawnMarie Boursiquot