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DawnMarie Boursiquot

Every state may have its own guidelines, but most require a 40 hour class you take then the exam. I would contact several of the local real estate agencies in your area and see what they offer as far a reimbursement once you pass the exam. Some do not charge they take marketing fees out once you make a commission others will charge you a monthly booth rent to cover the same cost.

What determines if you make a good income is you. How much money you make is based on your hard work, and your willingness to market yourself. It is all about knowing your market and letting all your family friends and their family and friends know that you sell real estate because if you do not you are leaving money in the table, It is all about word of mouth.

There are lots of tools and materials to help you market yourself. Please keep me informed me how things are going and keep in touch.

Answered 5 years ago

DawnMarie Boursiquot