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DawnMarie Boursiquot


I am not quite sure what you mean by "what program in Lane" When I was a real estate agent was the best time of my life. It is hard work and you must be a self-starter because it is commission only. It is all about marketing yourself; everyone you know and everyone they know should know you sell real estate, It is the one thing you can sell and people cannot give back after the closing.

I am not sure if all states have the same requirements, but you should only need a 40 hour course (I suggest you take the class in person) the stories that are discussed are valuable when it comes to the exam. The exam is two parts a national and a state. The great thing is you can take your license with you if you ever decide to relocate you should only need to take the state portion.

There are a myriad of tools, which are available to agents, and if you have the funds to invest in your advertising then you are a step ahead of the rest because you need to make sure people know you are an expert in your field because if you do not you are leaving your income in the table every time someone in your circle purchases a home or rents a home without your assistance.

The cons is a lot of people want to purchase a home or rent in a certain area, but they do not have the credit, sellers want to sell their home, but they do not want to clean it (yep is true), sellers always think their home is worth more than what it is, and buyers either cannot afford where they want to live or they believe they can get the home lower.

If you have the ability to know negotiate and educate people, then you will not have an issue it is very rewarding once you get a steady flow of listings and buyers. Sure it is commission, but you make your own hours and your own income.

Now you need to examine which office to work with because not all are the same or offer the same level of benefits and it could cost you for example, some agencies require a booth rent you pay each month to cover your marketing others simply take it out of your commissions.

Again please do not let anyone talk you into a bachelors degree to get your real estate license. Contact your local real estate agency they move to reimburse you after you pass your exam. Do your research.

Good luck to you.

Answered 7 years ago

DawnMarie Boursiquot