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Steve Schwartz

I think you would benefit a lot from talking with me. Let's have one session together and if you think it is of value, then we can do more. My number is 310-989-0355

I worked in the real estate field for 30 years and have a lot of advice for you.

One of my earlier positions was at the Chase Bank in New York after I had completed my MBA from Columbia University and had worked at Chase for 5 years as a corporate lending officer. At that time senior management asked me to become Manager of the Corporate Lending Officers Training Program, a very coveted position at the bank. I was responsible for the training and development of twenty corporate lending officer trainees- graduates from top colleges -into competent Chase commercial bankers.
Over the years I have had a great interest in mentoring young people- I can send you a copy of over 10 thank you letters I received from different people I have mentored. I was also a Career Mentor at the West Hollywood Library Vocational Center- please see the memo I put together when I delivered lectures at the vocational center. I have also done a good deal of teaching on a pro bono basis at local schools.

Answered 2 years ago

Steve Schwartz