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Frank Calamari

Take a sales internship at a big company, call the HR dept and ask if they have them.

get a job at a local retailer, its a great starter sales job.

go to a small company and say you want to volunteer helping with any marketing campaign they have, most companies that do marketing....not retail....will gladly except

get a job as a telemarketer part time, great sales start job.

Answered 8 years ago

Frank Calamari

Howie Wallach

Both are terrific fields.
Interestly, Sales and Marketing are often lumped as one field as in;
sales-marketing or Sales & Marketing. They are actually different. Sales is just that--taking the company's product and selling it to their customers. The salesperson generally has a sales quota and their commissions are tied to their quota attainment.

Marketing, as I see it, ties more closely to Advertising where these fields have a focus on developing ideas and strategies about product awareness and how to sell it; a product's appeal to the customer, Why the customer would want to buy the product, how they can help the sales organization increase sales through incentives to their customers(this is marketing specifically). A couple of the more popular fields in these areas are marketing/market research firms and Advertising agency. Many larger corporations have their own in-house advertising organization, however they may also outsource. Advertising is rarely done in house.

My recommendation is to try to get a summer job or internship in of of these areas to get a feel for it--possibly even an unpaid internship if you can afford that, or negotiate a deal that when they see the quality of your work, they'll want to pay you. Your main challenge as a junior is most companies are reluctant to hire kids under 18 (my kids are 17 & juniors).

Be tenacious. Look up businesses in your area on LinkedIn. Network---ask your parents who they know that may need help in their sales department. Even though you live in a "super small town," I bet there is either a Chamber of Commerce or Business Association. Contact them, go there if possible (dressed appropriately) and see if they are willing to provide you with their member contact list. Lastly, see if you can work for them and assist with their marketing efforts to help grow their membership.

Best of luck.

Answered 8 years ago

Howie Wallach