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Justin Kurtz


Learn to sell online, build teams and promote salons

Salon's have to compete and today's consumers go ONLINE first.

If you can learn how to help salon's get noticed, and build their brand online you will always have a career.. and you can simply sell the products and information part-time.

You already know the "language" of salons

Answered 6 years ago

Justin Kurtz

Mansur Plumber

The Salon industry has many facets to it. You could still stay in the industry without managing the service part. There is a supply part of the industry, general marketing part of it. I personally am trying to promote a self service, sign-in / check-out kiosk that also can promote Salon related products. If you are interested in working with me on the concept call me at any time 972-877-4070.
My company's websites are:

Answered 7 years ago

Mansur Plumber