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David Bradley

This can vary greatly, but here are a couple:
1) Open to change
2) Open to new experiences
3) Lifelong learning
4) a. Self-awareness (understanding your emotions and how you react to different situations),
4) b. Self-management (after understanding your emotions, being able to control them to some degree, as needed by a situation) and social-awareness (understanding others, where they come from, and their emotions and control of such; empathy rather than sympathy)

I wrote a bit about 4 in my blog just recently. Finding a routine that can anchor you into the "present" state is important for self-awareness. It doesn't have to be hyper-meditative-mumbo-jumbo, but it should relax you. For many, physical exercise of some sort does this, but I outline my method and reasoning in the post here: http://www.davidjbradley.com/2014/01/26/little-things-matter/

Answered 7 years ago

David Bradley