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Karina Cano

It sounds that you are on the right path! I would check out search engines like Indeed, linkup and simplyhired for job postings for b2b. There are a bunch of b2b that will hire you right out of High School. This way you can look at the descriptions to see if you like what they are selling because the first rule in selling is you have to believe in your product! Typically, in sales if you do very well, you easily move up! A smart way to go about this is if you look for a good business that is creditable that need sales people, this way you can move up and they might even pay for your college! It will be hard to find a job in sales and not work weekend since typically that is when clients are available however, it is possible. Just remember when you first start working you will have to make some scarifies and work weekends. Please, let me know if this help or if you have any more questions! I hope this helped!

Answered 1 year ago

Karina Cano