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Tanya Zhelezcheva

If you like to take care of children, you may major in English and study children's or young adult literature. Or you may become a child counselor and major in Psychology. That will help you become a counselor at a school. I think that especially because you want to help others, your interests may expand with time and you may want to work with adults not only with children.

You may also find it useful to find ways to know yourself better. Yet, in order to know yourself better, you also need to have experiences. Challenge yourself in ways that interest you! Participate in a triathlon, submit essays for essay contests or write a short story or poems and submit one to a journal for publication. The point is to get to know yourself and observe yourself how you deal with situations where you get stuck, when people do not reply in ways you like, when things get tough. Do you look for solutions? How do you look for solutions? By reading or by talking to people or both? Or you use a different way.

Explore the world around you in a way that makes sense to you. May be even study how others do that. This will help you to understand what your strengths are and where you can expand your skills.

Good luck with your pursuit of life-long learning!

Answered 6 years ago

Tanya Zhelezcheva