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Why are you applying for this scholarship ?

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My name is Vu Nguyen. I am from Vietnam. I am an international student. I have stayed in American for 5 months. Right now I am studying ESL ( English as Second Language ). In my English department, they have scholarships for international students. I plan to apply for in this semester. In requirements, they require that I have to answer a question " Why are you applying for this scholarship ? " ( not over 150 words ). I had my answer but I am not sure about grammar , meaning and organization. I need someone could help me check that and give me some comments and suggestions to help my answer become better and more impressive. Here is my answer :

When waking up in the early morning everyday, I usually wonder, “Where I am and what I have to do today“. Deciding to study abroad because of “successful future“, I accepted to give up the dinners with my family, hangout nights with my friends, and my lovely room with a bunch of favorite books. I realized that once I walked out of my comfort zone, I would face many challenges. However, I have to try best to get remarkable achievements for myself, proud of my parents, admiration of my friends. “Scholarship“ which is a term that I want to achieve once in a lifetime and which also is my target. It also helps me saving money. Moreover, seeing my name on the website of scholarship recipients, my parents would must proud of me, their son. In conclusion, It is said that: “A good beginning makes a good ending”. Getting scholarship from LCC where I started the first step on the way to success will give me more motivations to go ahead.


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Tanya Zhelezcheva

Hi Vu,

Great question though I am not sure if this is still current. I would recommend that you try the Writing Center on your campus for more help with this answer. I would suggest that you write more specifically about your intellectual interests and how you will be able to contribute to campus culture. Describe what kinds of issues interest you and how the scholarship will help you deepen your understanding. You are also familiar with two cultures (Vietnamese and American) and at least two language, so you can use this to your advantage.

Best of luck!

Answered 6 years ago

Tanya Zhelezcheva