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Computer Science Major: How long did it take you guys to feel comfortable writing your programs assigned by your instructors in college?

Before I started in college I had never programmed before, and now I have had three programming courses so far and two courses in computer engineering. I always need a lot of help writing my programs and I am starting to question if this is the right major for me. Programming is interesting, but I am not doing too well so far, so I wanted to know how long did it take you guys to feel like you finally knew what you were doing when writing your programs?
Thanks in advance, Ashley! :)

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Ryan Lacorte

I am not exactly in the same profession as you but when I first got out of high school over 12 years ago I loved video games and thought it would be awesome to make games for EA or something. I went to Full Sail University in Florida for game design. The first course was C++ and I failed it 3 times. I decided after trying that many times and failing that I would change majors slightly. I ended up then learning web development. Since I was coming from C++ failure I grasped web development very quickly and have been doing it ever since. The point I am trying to make is that although you may not be confident in your programming skills or it may not even be what you are interested in doing anymore. All that you have learned in regards to it will make learning other programming languages much easier to grasp. Good luck in your decisions and your future!


Answered 8 years ago

Ryan Lacorte