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I am about to enter my 1st year of Systems Engineering, but I am really into Physics as well. Does anybody have any advice for possible career options with a Systems Engineer degree?

I am really interested in math and sciences (mostly Physics), but there are not that much variety of options where I live at to do anything related to pure math or science.

I chose Systems Engineering because I am quite interested in the subjects it involves, yet I am a still a bit unsure if that is the right choice.

For some extra info, I am also interested in a career in any of these areas: technology, research, or anything to do with computers, or science, in general.

Hopefully the extra information helped a bit.

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Raj Krishnamoorthy


I am happy to help you. What type of career were you aiming after degree in systems engineering?There are plenty of options such as you can go semi conductor industry, aeronautics, hi-tech companies are available for system engineering. There are companies like Honeywell, Intel, EMC, Boeing, Cisco, GE etc are to name few. You can also do project management by incorporating multiple engineering projects. If there are any specific area you looking to develop then I can search for more info and share the info with you. I would like to know more details so that I can point you in right direction.
I did my mathematics degree and moved into computer science. Later I did my MBA after few years of experience in computer science. This is just my experience but the thing which I am trying to convey is that mathematics do have value in any industry or any company. Let me know if these websites help you to get some idea.



Answered 9 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy