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Doug Brent

This is a very broad question, but maybe I can help you take a small step.

If you have a computer, and access to the Internet, you can start to learn programming.

Your experience may be different, but for me, I need to start with a problem I want to solve, not the abstract task of "learning software". Maybe you want to figure out how to map your favorite restaurants, maybe you want to make a simple web site, maybe you want to develop for iOS or Android. Figure out a problem you want to solve, then research how other people have gone about solving it.

The web is an incredible resource. Sometimes, even entering an error message being generated by your programming task as a google search string will get you exactly the answer you need - and perhaps an entirely different perspective on solving the problem.

Also, look to some Open Source communities for how community software is developed - and maybe find a way to participate. There are _numerous_ communites. Check out github, or as a specific recommendation, Mozilla.

Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Doug Brent