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Raj Krishnamoorthy

Congrats. Good luck on your ideas.

Have you tried local start up associations or groups? You can find in meetup.com or check istart.org or local universities who may link or point you to the right groups. Istart.org organizes competitions across the country so you can check with them to see if somebody can mentor you. Universities are very useful and always have connections, mostly the competitions happen in universities so if you have any friends or families in the university, try to check with them.

In my personal experience, I meet up people and see what are common interests between us? I would also check their experience to start off with. From business idea perspective, be prepared to answer tough & tricky questions. You should be aware of market research, have you tested data in the market , basic revenue generation( I know one is for non-profit), marketing strategies( like flyers, local advts etc), SWOT analysis( Strength, weakness, opportunities, threat) for your product, Customers, finance, IT design/software design of the website, operations etc.

Good luck on this and let me know if you've any questions.

Thanks, Raj

Answered 8 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy