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David Smith

Basically, find a real-world problem to solve and solve it.

Look around you in the world and think of new ways to help people with mobile app technology. Find a customer--someone who needs this technology to solve her problems--and ask lots of questions and listen intently to her answers. Then translate what she tells you into what you know about technology, and mock-up the app on paper (or use Balsamiq). Circle back with your customer to show her your mocked-up app, walk through it with her, and get her feedback. When she tells you that what she sees on paper would solve her problem, that's when it's time to start coding. Code as fast as possible and be sure to circle back with your customer as you develop new and/or half-finished features. When you have something coded that will actually help her, deliver it to your customer and have her start using it.

You will make lots of mistakes along the way. That's normal. So just go as fast as you can so you can make those mistakes quickly and iterate to the right answer. Good luck. Let me know if you need help along the way.

Answered 9 years ago

David Smith