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Rodney Ziebol

I would suggest you look at the below website. They list all careers and you can come up with the ones that most interest you. It shows you career growth, potential salaries, and requirements to enter the specific career.


You can then look at the meetup.com website and see if there are any local face to face groups that meet covering your career interest and attend with your parents as most groups consist of adults.

Answered 4 years ago

Rodney Ziebol

Doug Brent

Good for you that you're thinking about this now!

A good place to start is: What do I enjoy? What am I good at?

It is a _very_ old school book, but What Color is Your Parachute is still a classic to help people answer career questions. Some of it will be a bit beyond where you are in high school, but still worth a read.

And - work now! Every job you have, particularly when you're young, is a learning experience. The _experience_ of work will help you know what is attractive - or repellant about different kinds of work. I know it is a tough time to find jobs, but if you can't find paid work, then intern. BTW, this will distinguish you from many of your peers when you go to find more "career" work later.

It is great to start to formulate plans _before_ you go to college. College is super-expensive, and you'd like to make that expense in time and money really pay off for you. Of course, the college experience may change your plans, but "undecided" isn't really that great a way to start. And, try and link what you may study in college with what you might want to do with a career. A liberal arts education is extremely valuable - and you can still get a liberal arts education and be a physicist or engineer. And, people who don't think this through can leave college asking the question "What can I do with my advanced modern exegesis degree?".

Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

Doug Brent