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Vanon Keeya

If u wanna join fighting into the nfc, i suggest that u first a martial art class to learn the different of defending and fighting against someone bigger than u. reason why i advise to fight someone a bit bigger than u is because that by this way u will have more skill and sense capacity to fight over someone that is your age easily. u should also watch you tube videos to, i know it sounds silly, but by watching you tube videos u can develop a form of ur own. From the start of ur ambitions, u have to develop a foundation that makes u standout form the rest of the competition. No one will know ur style so it will be hard for them to get to learn u that quick and pick up each every move u bring. i FIGHT MMA so that why i recommend u to do this. it will give u an advantage over everyone else.

Answered 9 years ago

Vanon Keeya