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If you love sports, being active, and helping people, you could look into Recreation Therapy. There are many schools across the country that offer a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation Therapy, or Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (all the same career path). There is a wide variety of environments/settings that a Rec Therapist can work. I've worked in community health, hospitals, nursing homes, residential facilities for kids, rehabilitation facitlites. Prisons, pediatrics, wellness facilities, and schools are some other settings that hire Recreation Therapists. As a Recreation Therapist, you do an assessment to find out what type of "recreation or leisure" a person enjoys, figure out what barriers they have to particpating in those desired activities, and teach them new or modified ways to engage in healthy leisure activities. Many people really love sports and learning adaptive sports is an awesome way to help people and still be involved in sports yourself.

Answered 9 years ago