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G Chavis

You can make a career of sports like basketball or football as a participant (player), coach or administrator. The window to play professional sports is small and equals like 1 in a million. It will take superior athletic ability + intense training + the right opportunity. Professional players typically come from college or overseas professional leagues so you will have to make it to those levels. To play basketball or football at the college level, you need to have the required GPA, ACT/SAT score, NCAA clearinghouse paperwork and athletic ability. It is much easier to make a career behind the scenes in football or basketball. There are many careers to focus on in sports behind the scenes: marketing, ticketing, concessions, security, community relations, event and facility management, public relations, player personnel, stats and research, sales, development, broadcasting/reporting, writing, photography, athletic training, etc. Research and find which career interests you most and pursue it. You can find a college that offers a degree in sports marketing or management as well. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Answered 9 years ago

G Chavis