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Vanon Keeya

Good that you already have ur gpa set up already. U should start practicing on your Vertical jump and doing your legs so that you can have a good start on the line when u the whistle goes off and also work on ur form of running. By form i mean the way that you run so that you don't have to get tired so fast than the other runners that might be ahead of u. The get tired soon and u will be ready to go off unstoppable. Most important i wanna encourage u to work on ur form and the way that you go off that line. slowly uphold and always keep ur chest up. Don't keep ur mouth open until u feel like u have to coz every time u open ur mouth, u are getting more and more exhausted which means that the energy that u breathe out doesn't come back into the same out amount as that, that goes out. Good luck and i wish u the best kido

Answered 9 years ago

Vanon Keeya