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Howie Wallach

Here's the deal, unless you are the best basketball player in your state, start hitting the books, C's won't get it done-- seriously! I am going through the college process with my own kids who are high school juniors right now so I will be totally honest, have fun playing basketball and work hard at it, but work harder at your grades. Look at your C's--how much more time will it take for you to get to a B- ? and from a B- to a B ? Whether it's basketball or school, you need the same two components for success; 1) Commitment and 2) Hard Work. Be honest with yourself and hit the books. Many of the the top varsity athletes in our high school are getting A's and B's.

Great news; you have your sophomore and junior years (and senior year too) to increase your grades. Commit to B- and a couple B's next year and B's and a couple A's in your junior year.

If you have any doubts, get a meeting with your high school guidance counselor. They'll set the record straight for you.
Best of luck. You're our future so work hard.

Answered 7 years ago

Howie Wallach