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Hello, I was also a sports management minor and tried to pursue a career in sports. It's not easy and it takes a lot of work, and the pay isn't always great. I started working in the sports media department at my college Niagara University and then interned with the Buffalo Bills and moved on to RIT more on the sports broadcast side. I'm not immersed within sports anymore however, and was told in college that the way to start in sports is to start in sales. That's not always fun, and again the pay isn't that great, but then you can move your way up. This isn's always the case as there are other opportunities as well. You have to keep your eye out for them and network with those you know to meet new people in the field. You will start off doing grunt work, but that's how it is in many businesses. The funny thing about your interest in Disney films and anything related to Disney Corp is that Disney owns ESPN, so maybe you can combine your two loves and get involved with sports films for Disney? I can't tell you which move to make, but either one sounds fun and interesting. But remember a lot of what you get out of something depends on how much you put in. If your determined I'm sure you'll make the right choice. Remember trying something out and changing your mind is also part of the growing experience. It's not easy to know exactly what you want to do forever, so you have to try things out, remembering that every path has struggles. It's up to you to decide if those struggles are worth it and keep pursuing you current goal, or change paths. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Answered 7 years ago