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Alan Zarach

There is the obvious which is to become a professional athlete but that only happens to a very small percentage of athletes. There are several other avenues you can take to be involved in sports without being an athlete. I have a friend who played soccer in high school and college. He wanted to stay involved with sports as a career so he went to college to become a sports trainer. He eventually became certified and now is the trainer for one of the most athletically successful high schools in Pittsburg, Pa.
Another friend had a similar circumstance only he was a lacrosse player. He entered a four year program and became a physical therapist. From there he went on to specialize in sports. Today besides working as a physical therapist he is also the trainer and therapist for the AHL hockey team here in Cleveland.
To answer your question there are many ways to stay involved with sports as a career. Regardless if it's through sports medicine or a sports accountant, be sure you pick something you can live with the rest of your life. Sometime something that seems glamorous today ends up being very unattractive later.

Answered 6 years ago

Alan Zarach