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Savita Hana

Hi! Best way to effectively manage my time that I've found helpful to is to write out my schedule. When you write out what you want to do in the form of "Today I plan to:" then proceed to your list, it gives you time leverage because you've already predetermined what you want to focus on.

Part 2 of this question : How to remain focused is the biggest struggle I've seen in a lot of my mentees. Everyone is different, but here are some tools you can use to remain focused and motivated.

1.) Find a really good motivational speech that gets you pumped.
2.) Be sure to stay extra hydrated, I'm talking liters of water.
3.) Eat food that's going to energize your body with plenty of natural carbs to burn.
4.) Use the Pomodoro method where you spend 30 minutes on your task and 10 min off. Then on the fourth cycle take a longer 30 minute break
5.) Listen to upbeat masculine techno beats > this stimulates drive and dedication
6.) Take regular dance breaks > let out your anxiety through body movement that feels natural and be sure to take up space! The more space you take up, the more your mind will feel elevated to reach higher lengths of completion.

Hope this helps!

Answered 10 months ago

Savita Hana