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Paul Dziadik

I must agree with the previous post! Time management is not as much as what time is, but how you use it!! Time management can be different for every person so in that case it is a broad field upon itself. Using your time productively can be easy or difficult to find out what works during education, but what is productive? Time management is more or less efficiency! So when I'm not making my bed in the morning I'm not just going to sit and stare into space! I need to use they time to do something that would be helpful to my ownself! So as far as using this toward education that may mean writing a book report, or simply printing it! But what this boils down to is I have used my time to further complete a book report! Do you find trouble having something productive to find? In this case the problem may be focus not management! So being productive may or may not be an obvious thing! When it comes to time management its more like telling yourself that you'll be spending an allotted amount of time on your book report. But keeping yourself focused to complete that book report is more of a focus issue. That means no distractions for me! So what would help you or what do you NEED to complete your book report? Do you need to sit in and empty room with only your books and notes. Maybe? But that's not very realistic. Where are you going to find an empty room like that? For me distraction was a BIG factor when I went to school! So I simply decided to force myself to work in a library with only that book and my notes. So every time I lifted my head to look around I would just see lots of other strangers staring at their notes as well! (so no distractions!) Sure I had to hike over to the nearest library,but it was worth my time! Because I succeeded in finishing my goals like a book report! That was MY solution to MY problem at the time. Your's may or may not be different! Management is starting with deciding what to do with your time! But Focus is more the library situation I just described. You probably have a lot of thing you know you want to do with your time, it's just hard to stick to it? If you DON'T know what you want to do with your time, think of what you like doing, who your comfortable with and make the choice if your decision is a PRODUCTIVE one for you! Focusing is more the next step. More like I know what I want to do, I just need to be motivated enough to make it happen! So in the focusing department things could be as simple as making the decision to complete grocery shopping! It may sound dumb and TOO simple but I would consider it productive! You are buying food to put into your body for nutrients! So in that perspective its not all they dumb and stupid! Wouldn't you agree?? But if you know you want to buy sugar and find it in an aisle with sugar and 200 brand you need to make the additional decision is this just sugar, do I WANT a particular brand, do I NEED a particular brand or should I buy the lowest priced stuff? So this may vary for each person! So deciding may not have to be so difficult! You may want to complete a certain recipe calling for a specified BRAND of sugar, you may not care so much and get the first thing you see or lowest priced stuff or other wise! So time management is very much deciding what to do with time and further breaking that up. So many fields may apply to this!
Mr. Paul Dziadik

Answered 8 years ago

Paul Dziadik

Adewumi Oluwadiya


Time is the seconds, minutes, hours, days , months, years available to anyone in a life time or period of existence. It is an intangible asset as you can not see it physically except through the clocks and wrist watches around us. Yet time is a most valuable asset that sign posts when we embark on an assignment and when we complete it successfully. Time like all valuable assets needs to be managed as it is always ticking away and can easily be wasted.
Time management is a whole field of discourse and there are specialists in this area. As a teacher in the school system and a lecturer in a tertiary institution , I found myself constantly reminding my students that the way they utilize their time overall will determine their success or otherwise in their academic pursuits. Time management for me involves budgeting the hours of the day and allotting chunks of time to specific activities and trying to stay within your budget. Just the way you manage your funds so that you are able to live within your means. Time management for students and almost everyone else entails documentation to guide you from time ' T' to time 'U' -the number of hours available to you for doing everything you wish to do in a given day, week, month etc.
The first thing a student needs to do is to write out a personal time table to guide his use of time . This time table has to be in sync with the university or school faculty or departmental time table . Thus s/ he would be able to attend all lessons, lectures and other required meetings. S/he can then utilize the remening hours to do personal studying, home work assignments, and other extracurricular activities that can add value to life.

Like I often tell my students and subordinates working under me , you must keep only friends who have focus and are diligent in what they do. When you keep loafers , unambitoius friends you tend to become like them. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are holds true always. By all means have friends but watch out so that their negative traits do not swallow you and blight your ambitions to succeed. Some friends are time stealers or time killers. They waste your time in engaging you in trivialities that do not add value to your work or study. Avoid them like the plague.

For everything time , time , time , there is time for everything under the heavens..... It is also important for students to read far and wide and reading articles on time management on the Internet or books is advised. What you find out yourself through reading stays long with you and reading is a skill all humans must master and use daily if one is to succeed and be an articulate and useful member of society.

Life in the 21st century is hectic and knowledge and information explosion is the norm. There is so much to read and time and our energy and attention span is not limitless. We must therefore bring order to bear on our reading if we are to acquire the needed knowledge , information, competences and skills to succeed at whatever we do. This is why study skills are essential for all especially students who have so much to read and limited time available to do this.
A study skill can be defined as any technique or strategy that enables one to extract information from a printed page as completely and quickly as possible . I call them gimmicks for eating up books fast. Most schools and universities have time and lectures for teaching these skills and students must ensure they attend them on first resumption at school. I attended this type of lectures more than twice as an undergraduate student as I found them so rewarding and essential aids to my study.
There are many study skills available and anyone can read up on these on the Internet or in books . A seminal work on this is a book by Frye which I still read today to sharpen my reading skills and grow intellectually. In addition the Internet has a lot of literature on study skills and students must read articles on reading skills and try to master the techniques and strategies highlighted in them . The website "Study Guides and Strategies " (http: //www.studygs.net/texred2.html) is recommended for further reading on study skills. The following study skills are prominent:

Comprehension skill
Reading rate
Each of the above skills are teachable and can be learnt easily. Time and space will not allow me to elaborate on them further and I therefore recommend that students go to the library to read on them from books or use their laptops to read from the Internet where these are well discussed by experts on Reading. If anyone needs one-one coaching on this topic please feel free to mail me at oloisaigbe@ yahoo.co.uk and we can take this further.

Answered 8 years ago

Adewumi Oluwadiya