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Kennedy Ogoye

Yes you can. It also depends on the college(s) you are aplying to. Some Colleges prefer that you take 12 or less College credits, but that will put more focus on your highschool grades.
It is a good thing you are trying to figure things out this early in the process

There are a couple of steps that you can take moving forward.

1.You can make a list of the school that you want to transfert to.
2. Research their admission policy on their website
3. Call to make an appointment to meet with an admissions consuler and talk to them about your situation.
4.Then compare the Colleges and then consider the factors that might attract you to a particular school. (you don't have to settle just because a you have a better chance of acceptance)

After doing everything i have mentioned, make a decision based on your current situation and possibilities when you transfer. [Involve your gurdian, parent, family to find the best answers possible]

Below is a link that might assist you in the process


I hope that the answer is satisfactory, and let me know if i can answer any more questions in the process.

Good luck


Answered 8 years ago

Kennedy Ogoye