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Maria Kim

There is no way to "assure" that you get in. Unless you're applying to a school that practically accepts anyone, there is no recipe to guaranteed admissions. I'll just give you some general advice, which you might be following already:

- Make sure you complete all of the prerequisites for all the schools you're applying to (this varies per school but the bulk of it is pretty standard)
- Get good grades (goes without saying really)
- Engage in extra curricular activities (helps you stand out from the sea of applicants that all have very good curriculums)
- Start working on your admissions essay early and be original

When transferring from a community college to a university, you might find yourself feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Even if you're the smartest student in all of your classes, if you're applying to pretty competitive schools, there will be other equally smart kids applying too so you have to stand out however you can. Take on leadership roles at your school's clubs, volunteer, work on projects outside of school, etc.

That said, don't let the stress of getting into a university consume you. There is a lot to do and it can get overwhelming, so make sure to take a break from all the "transfer" work and have fun. Balancing the two things is crucial to help you excel.

Answered 7 years ago

Maria Kim