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Ken Simmons

Here are some tips that might help with your transition.

Transition Process
1. Take an Interest and Aptitude test to determine in which civilian career areas your personality traits most fit
2. Obtain job descriptions of jobs/careers indicated by the testing that look most interesting to you
3. Think about your previous jobs/assignments and list the things that you did in bullet fashion (- took out the garbage) using a separate sheet of paper for each job/assignment
4. Put an E in front of everything that you did that you enjoyed, a W in front of everything that you want to do again, and an A in front of everything that you feel was an accomplishment
5. Make separate pages listing the E’s, W’s, and A’s.
6. Take a job description that looks most interesting and write the requirements and duties on the left side of a sheet of paper
7. Talk a look at the E’s, W’s, and A’s, and write the items that most fit the requirements and duties of the job description on the right hand of the sheet of paper next to the ones that are equivalent on the left side.
8. Use this as the basis of doing informational interviews and as the beginning of a functional resume.

Here is a good service that could also help with that transition:

They will be able to provide assistance and possibly interest and aptitude testing. Here is another source for such testing:

Also, here are some tips on gaining valuable information from people who could help:

Best of luck! Please let me know if this helps.

Answered 5 years ago

Ken Simmons