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Stequita Ralston


As Latiana mentioned below many people pave their way without a college degree. I think you have to figure out what your interests are.

For myself, I didn't really know. I started volunteering at a variety of places a few times a week. I thought I loved animals so I went to the animal shelter, I couldn't deal with the smell so that option was axed. They are cute an cuddly in small numbers for me.

I made it a goal to volunteer at four different places a month. I then discovered I liked working and assisting elderly people almost as much as I did working with youth.

Once you narrow down your interests, volunteer, conduct informative interviews, and network your way in. I hope this helps!

Answered 2 years ago

Stequita Ralston

Latiana Blue

Hi there!

So many people skip college and find their idea of success in one way or another. Think about the many people who've gone to college and found success in something other than what they studied, etc. There's no one single avenue that is "right" for everyone.

What are your interests? And even beyond that, what are you PASSIONATE about? To figure out the second question- what makes you feel fulfilled, energized?

For me, that's helping people. I dug deeper with that over the last 5 years of undergrad, and remembered my long term goal of wanting to work with youth. Combining that with my health and wellness interests, I discovered various ways to do all of these, and have found a long term business goal. Busy schedule or not- my energy stays 'til I sleep because I love all of it.

College or no, digging deeper into yourself is the key to discovering your next fulfilling opportunity.

Answered 3 years ago

Latiana Blue