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Nicole Olivia Jackson

You can always boost your GPA so do not worry about that. You should look into jobs that interest you and not focus so much on money. My close friend went to school for a job that would pay a ton of money but he is not happy with what he does and dreads going to work everyday. He works as a computer software engineer. I would focus on your core courses to boost your GPA. As your taking your cores, see what classes you like and see what the department offers for a major. Search the internet to see what jobs sound like something that you can do and will enjoy and check the salary. For example, you can type in google "physical therapist salary" and check the sites to see what training, certifications, and salary are needed.
Also from a former low GPA student to another, make sure you volunteer and network. I have had a hard time finding experience while looking for a major. Once you find something you like, immerse yourself in your department and join clubs and associated organizations. This way you can network and be known so people will be more willing to help you in the future.

I hope this advice helps.

Answered 9 years ago

Nicole Olivia Jackson