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Viviane Chang

Well, you don't until you have hands on experience, and keep in mind, it is very common that people change majors and careers.

I changed my major a few times and quit college after a year. I thought school was not my thing. Until age of 24, I went back to school, thinking AH!... this time I know what I want. I picked economics as my undergraduate major, graduated with it. I thought I would be in executive management one day. But now I am going back to school getting a graduate degree in psychology!.

Life is unpredictable and our experiences play a role in shaping our thoughts and behavior. So do something that you are happy with and remember its not like you will be stuck with it forever if you don't like it later on.

Just make sure one thing, you are changing direction not because you want to give up but because it is no longer meeting your life goal at that time.

Answered 8 years ago

Viviane Chang