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Yosvanny Ruiz

This depends on what your future goals are. You also have to keep in mind the kind of jobs that Anthropology majors get with that degree and if you enjoy working those kinds of jobs. I believe many Bachelors level graduates go on to work in museums. While the kind of Anthropology majors that work out in the field uncovering new discoveries are typically PhD candidates. If you enjoy that type of thing you may need to make the necessary preparations to set up a possible graduate school path. This would include working with professors in that field as a research assistant for a few years. Make sure to do this now during your junior year and not wait until you graduate IF you are interested in this path. I would actually recommend working with professors as a research assistant regardless if you want to enter a PhD. This will improve your chances of finding a job when you graduate with your bachelors and add more things to your resume. I would highly recommend you do this NOW during your junior year. Good Luck-

Answered 8 years ago

Yosvanny Ruiz