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Nancy Tran

For the most cost-effective solution to your question, you may want to wait to transfer later in the Fall semester. I have personally transferred to a different school as well; therefore, if you have any financial aid, it will get a bit complicated with the process. As long as your grades are above average and follows the requirements of the school you are trying to transfer to, you should be able to wait a semester. It will make transferring your financial aid a smoother and quicker process. Also, during the time that you are transitioning, you could possible work a part-time job to reinforce your experience and express to the prospective university of your commitment to be prepared and busy.

I understand that graduating by a certain deadline is another form of pressure for students, but please do understand that, as long as you are proactive person and doing your best with balancing school and work, then the estimated time of graduation can be more flexible.

I am a current student myself and it is my fifth and final year at my university. Although the university is classified as a "4-year" university, it does not mean that everyone will graduate within that same time period. That deadline is ideally for students are going ONLY going to school full-time and not working or having to worry about other events. However, with ongoing demands of student involvement and resume building, I believe it is only reasonable that the time of graduation is extended about a year or two depending on your circumstances.

I hope this helps to give you a better insight on what you would do next. Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Nancy Tran