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I will be brief, but feel free to ask me any other questions at a later time. Sorry it's late & i gotta get some sleep.
OK, so I assume by piloting you mean a fixed wing or rotary wing (helicopter) pilot.
So, flying can be scary dealing with weather and all.
To see if this is a good fit for you and if you can afford it, take an introductory flight lesson at your local airport. If your comfortable with your first flight, then think about progressing from there. In my opinion, the best pilots are the ones that have had training and are very comfortable with flying aerobatics. I think it's an excellent idea to be at ease with and having the skills and confidence in dealing with an aircraft that you may find not in a straight and level attitude. Spins, loops, rolls, flight upset training and other high G maneuvers can be terrifying to some and if that ain't your cup of tea then maybe think about another career in the aviation field. Again, if you can afford it, you can take an introductory aerobatic maneuver flight but do not do this first because it's best to start out flying straight and level.
OK, if you're still reading this, keep in mind if you are healthy enough, smart enough, brave enough and ambitious enough, and fortunate enough, consider a military flight career. You'll get the best aviation training in the world. You will have to sign up for a 10 year period of time in the regular military but you also have the option of flying for a guard or reserve unit where you would basically be a weekend warrior i think that time frame might be less.
Well, I've rambled enough. A career in professional aviation can be extremely rewarding and I wish you the best of luck...this country needs great aviators and I hope you become one of those great aviators!

Answered 6 years ago