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Victoria Barton Rosenthal

There are lots of options available to you depending on where you'd like to go, and what skills you have.

You may want to consider a job with a tour operator. Tour operators are large organisations who work in many countries and there are a variety of roles available. Although you may be primarily based in one country, in certain areas of the business you will have plenty of opportunities to travel to meet with potential suppliers, to contract hotels, take part in photoshoots and familiarise yourself with destinations.

If you don't want an office based job, and prefer to be a bit more hands on then there are plenty of options you can take. For example working as a representative in resort. You will be responsible for looking after guests, booking excursions, answering any questions, making recommendations and will be a resort expert.

Teaching English abroad is also a great way to travel the world and earn a little money at the same time. It does help if you can speak a little of the language in the countries where you are going to teach, but it isn't essential. Look into TESOL or TEFL courses.

Working in hotel management is also a great way to travel. You may be based in a destination for a couple of years until you are ready to transfer to somewhere new, but hotel chains often encourage movement within different hotels. Being able to speak a couple of languages is a real plus here.

Answered 8 years ago

Victoria Barton Rosenthal