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Danielle S

I would suggest deciding if you like learning about current, historical, or ancient cultures. Deciding this should help you narrow down what countries you may be interested in studying. Next, I would suggest thinking about what aspects of culture interest you most, e.g. art, everyday life, language, customs, religion, music, society, etc... Figuring this out can help you choose between majors such as history, archeology, humanities, paleontologist, etc... After narrowing down exactly what you are interested in, I suggest doing a google search or ask an academic adviser at your university (if in college) about majors that involve your interest.

Once you figure out an area of study, do some reading on the subject. You can rent books at the library or rent/buy books from amazon or ebay. Once you narrow down an area that interests you, take a introductory course at you current university or local community college. If you're still interested after the class, then look into the school's programs and other universities programs to compare what each program offers and choose which would be the right fit for you. It will cost you nothing to contact the college and set up an appointment with an admissions councilor to go over your options and clear up any questions you may have.

Hopefully this helps!

Answered 9 years ago

Danielle S